'Lisabel's 'A Work Of Art' Is An Immersive Triumph. A record is real breadth and rich musicality, 'A Work Of Art' lives up to its title with each song interwoven into the next'

Clash Magazine

'It’s a refreshingly off-kilter affair from start to finish, taking her influences from the worlds of jazz and soul and exploring them through a timely narrative about positive thinking and mental elevation'

Somewhere Soul

'With a chord progression characterized by its clever repetition aiming to go higher and higher almost hypnotising the ears, the song is not lacking of skilled musicians who provide a strong backbone in terms of groove and musical vocabulary'

Talking About Pop Music

'Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, unrelenting beauty is a cornerstone of Lisabel’s single Stars Dance'


'The smooth play of the keys, the overwhelming sound of the cymbals, and these celestial vocal harmonies imply a taste for meditation and plenitude'

Sounds So Beautiful